Birth Doula Services

My Vibe:

My entire life I’ve overwhelmingly been described as very calm, low-key, patient, and compassionate. I’m also a highly sensitive person who sees, hears, and senses everything. I’ve found this to be my greatest strength in a birth setting. I seem to know what’s needed almost pschycicly! I’m quiet but very confident. If you like personality inventories, or astrology, I’m an INFP and an Enneagram 4. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Gemini Rising, Cancer Moon. All of these point to a quiet leader with a strong mothering nature and I feel that sums up my energy very well!

What to expect day-to-day:

Once I’m your doula, you can text or call me anytime. Yes, even in the middle of the night! Most of my clients find this very valuable. Stay away from (scary) internet search results and reach out to your own personal childbirth educator. I can walk you through figuring out what is Braxton hicks and what is labor, I can help you decided when to leave for the hospital, I can coach you through positions to ease back pain, I can recommend pregnancy safe herbs and teas for colds, and so much more. I always have my phone on me and I text back quickly. I actually really love this part of my job! I’m always there for you.

What to expect from me at your birth:

What I’m Not:

A cheerleader, loud or extroverted. I won’t yell at you to push, I won’t boss the room around. I won’t speak for you. I won’t take the place of your partner or position myself as “center-stage” during your family’s time. This isn’t me! If this is more what you’re looking for then we may not be a great fit.

What I Am:

I’m a calming presence. I will speak softly and quietly encourage while suggesting position changes or comfort measures. I will talk to you about tricks to make pushing easier and help you find your force. I will remind you and your partner of your birth plan and make sure you feel you’ve had the time to make an informed decision. I WILL position your partner as “center-stage” of support. They will be the forefront, holding, kissing, having alone time, holding your hands, and I will be in the background fanning the flame of this beautiful care. Oh, and I also deck out your birth space to be super cozy.

What to expect from me after your birth:

After a birth the partner or dad usually accompanies baby wherever they go. When baby is born you’re still in need of support! I stay with you during your immediate recovery. I’ll support you through your placenta being birthed, any stitches they may be needed, and any other recovery needs. I’ll then be there to facilitate skin-to-skin and help with your baby’s first latch. Once I feel you and your new family are settled and ready for quiet time- I slip away with hugs and blessings. Then, about a week after your birth, I’ll visit you in your home. We can process your birth together and I can answer any questions about baby or breastfeeding that have come up.

What if I have a cesarean birth?

Cesareans ARE birth and I’m experienced in supporting women through this. Wether your cesarean is unexpected or planned, there are ways we can make that journey gentle and beautiful. As a Certified Doula I am able to accompany you to the O.R. and as someone who is a professional with acupressure and essential oils, I can still support you with plenty of comfort measures during your cesarean birth. After your birth I will accompany you to recovery, facilitate skin-to-skin, and assist with breastfeeding.

Want to know more?

My consults are always free. Feel free to call, email, or text. We can chat on the phone or meet up for tea. I’m happy to answer any other questions you may have. Phone: 828.778.1889 Email: motherwolf19@yahoo.com. I am currently accepting clients through Doulas of Asheville. They’re a wonderful group of professional doulas who handle the paperwork, my back-up support, and offer a plethora of other services to clients in the Asheville community and surrounding areas. Please follow the link to learn more about them!