Asheville Doula Trainings: Pt. 2

I’ve mentioned before my love for training and mentoring doulas to support birthing people. With much interest and success I’ve decided to expand my mentoring options in 2019!

If I’m being honest with you, traditional doula trainings leave a lot to be desired. I can’t tell you the disappointment i’ve encountered spending sometimes over $600 to attend a doula workshop or training and sitting for hours watching birth videos and practicing hip-squeezes. Mainstream doula organizations can severely miss the mark in explaining the intricacies of being fully present for a birthing human. The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toll on the birthing person, the partner, and the doula/support people is immense and rarely even mentioned.

Furthermore, I feel many mainstream doula organizations instill fear in the birth worker and not confidence. With a lot of unnecessary hoops to jump through for “certification” in which, no one “owns” the right to say you can competently support a birthing person or not. I believe it’s our birthright to hold that space for another person, if they so choose, and we feel able.

All of that being said, what I have seen to be most beneficial, is sisterly doula support. Support that has seen birth, been in the birth world, knows the ins-and-outs of the business of birth work, and can encourage and guide a newer doula on her unique path in this wonderful profession.

What I’m excited to provide is just this! I’ve broken my offerings up into pieces depending on your needs.

One-on-One Doula Sister Support


Prior to being a full-time birth professional, I worked in corporate leadership, marketing, and social media. As a doula I have worked with countless families, births, hospitals, and birthing centers. These skills have served me well in building my own thriving doula practice and assisting my husband in his clinic here in Asheville. With my combined skills we can make a plan to take your doula practice to the next level. .

This sistership spans over the course of 3 months (and can be renewed for longer depending on needs and my availability). I’ll take inventory of your unique skills and strengths and assess areas of growth. Together we will map out your personal business goals, go over the fundamentals of social media, website design, SEO, and marketing. We’ll also pinpoint your perfect client and how to attract them!

During this time I’m also on-call for you with text support to morally support you through any births, consults, prenatals, or postpartum shifts you attend. I’m available for mental and emotional and informational support. A doula for a doula!

These consults are done one a month over coffee and I’ll let you know what materials and information you need to bring along. This can also be done in person or virtually over FaceTime or Skype. Leaving this mentorship you will have a clear picture of where your practice is heading, your ideal client, attainable goals, actionable steps, general view of your own social media and website presence and how that can be improved upon. If you found me online, through one of the many classes I teach, or through a friend, and you admire my unique flare for my work- If you’re ready to jump in and make birth work your career— this consult is for you! The cost for this service is $350 for 3 months of individualize support.

1 Hour Doula Mentor

A Quick Consult for Anything!

Have questions about building your doula practice? A recent birth got you stumped? Curious about how to attract clients? Don’t know what training is best for you? Need some quick professional guidance?

This meeting is done by phone or FaceTime and is about any questions you have about your doula practice. I’ll send you an intake form to help organize your needs so we use our consult time as efficiently as possible and I’ll also follow-up with a write-up of our meeting with actionable steps you need to take forward.

The value of this offering is: $50 and can be put towards my doula sistership if you decide to pursue that afterwards.

I’m so excited about these offerings and can’t wait to better serve the birthing community. If any of these interest you please reach out.


phone/text: 828.778.1889

I look forward to connecting!