Wedding Prep vs. Baby Prep

Did you know that most brides spend up to 20 hours a week planning their wedding?


Of course, we want everything perfect, down to the flowers, the dress, the ceremony, writing our vows, hiring a planner, and a photographer. We think about how we want our families involved, we plan out our honeymoons...


So why don't we spend as much effort, if not more, on planning our births!?


There are ways to plan and prepare for labor so that you're feeling just as beautiful, confident, prepared, and as IN LOVE as you were on your wedding day.


And just like those wedding details can be overwhelming, it's ultimately worth it for the memories and the bond that will last for years to come. SO... I urge you, sweet mamas, to really think about your birth and how you want it to go.


Beyond birth plans and care providers-- how do you want to FEEL? Who do you want with you? How are you best supported? Who can you call postpartum to come help? How are you going o preserve the memory of your birth?


As always, I'm happy to help with any of these thoughts or details, and I'd be honored to support you in your birth. Feel free to message me any time! <3