Asheville Doula: Updates!

Hi there lovely beings,

It's been a month since I've updated! Birth work is busy and I'm so thankful to have my hands full of what I love. This past month the weekdays are filled with running our natural health clinic Silver Leaf Natural Medicine. Due to client growth and to better meet the needs of our community, we were inspired to expand into much more than a space for acupunture. We knocked down a wall over a weekend, reorganized, and are greatly expanding our herb and supplement inventory in hopes of being Asheville's one-stop-shop for natural cures and wellness. It's exciting but a lot of work on top of the usual flow of patients.


My nights and weekends have been filled to the brim with doula work. Between meet the doula nights in the community, consults with clients, and teaching Childbirth Education classes at The Mothership Asheville-- I've been kept very busy! I now work with both Doulas of Asheville and The Mothership Asheville as a doula and educator and it's wonderful! 

Within the past few weeks I've felt my soul calling me forward in birth work and yesterday the path forward for me and this journey was laid out ever so clearly. I know exactly where I am going from here and that's a new and crazy and amazing feeling. I will be sharing more in coming months, but for now, I am very blessed to know my next steps. 

In the mean time I am so grateful and humbled to serve people in my community and to stand at the gates of parenthood along so many beautiful and inspiring souls. It's going to be a wonderful year!