Asheville Doula: Sugar Detox

I love sugar. Cakes, brownies, chocolate, pie, ice cream... But sometimes I go overboard and before I know it I've had days of too much sugar. A pastry for breakfast, chocolate after dinner, and the cycle goes on. 

Unlike most in the natural health world, I do not believe that "sugar is the devil"-- I think it's disordered thinking to apply evil or malice to a food. I believe moderation is key, and life's short so have some pie ;)

Every now and then though, it's highly beneficial to detox. Evidence-based research suggests that regular detoxes can help clean the body of toxins and reset your health. So this month I'm on a cleanse. 

If you've been experiencing poor sleep, bloating, skin rashes, irritability, constipation, or tiredness, your body could very well be telling you that you need a sugar cleanse too. 

Of course, consult with your healthcare professional before beginning any detox. I'll share a little of what my own personal health cleanse looks like. 

  • No processed sugar. This means all of my favorite foods. Just kidding. But quitting chocolate is hard for me. After a long road of deciphering my specific health needs, I've found that boosting my blood sugar WITH sugar after a meal actually regulates my adrenals. So actually, something sweet is necessary for my body. So right now instead of reaching for dark chocolate, I'll have a bite of banana or melon. 

These for me are on top of my Gluten Light diet. I went gluten free a year or so ago and have been slowly incorporating a little gluten back into my life, because, BREAD. For me, this means corn tortillas not flour, gluten-free pizza crust, gluten-free baked goods etc. I also have never been huge into dairy. We drink coconut milk and almond milk.

Something different about my cleanse too-- I don't limit fruit. Some health gurus will recommend no fruit and suggest that fruit is sugar. While fruit does have sugar, scientifically, fruit sugar is processed by the body differently than processed sugar. Not all sugar is bad! So for me, honey is fine, dates are fine, coconut, berries, smoothies, all of it. 

Oh, I also still drink coffee. 

I'll be honest, I'm struggling today. I feel almost like I have a cold. Which is my body detoxing from sugar, and that tells me that this cleanse is SUPER needed for me right now. But doing regular cleanses are good not just physically but spiritually too. I want to be more aware and alert and treat my body kindly. 

So doing this, on top of once-a-week visits to the chiropractor, bi-weekly acupuncture and moxa, getting my blood pumping on our elliptical, and the liposomal herbal mixture formulated for my specific needs from Silver Leaf Natural Medicine, help keep my healthy and reaching my wellness goals. 

Tonight I'll take a hot epsom salt bath to finish drawing out toxins and replace magnesium, along with a tablespoon of coconut oil in the bath too, for its antibacterial propertires. 

I mean, I still want cake, but I know those cravings will soon subside. Happy Spring and may it bring you health and happiness!