Childbirth education classes and updates

I hope you all had a happy valentines day! My partner and I worked with herbs, got burgers, and went to bed before 10. Which was honestly my idea because I was exhausted and had just come off a long birth, straight into running our business, and... Teaching! 

Whew! It's been busy for me the past few weeks. I've attended a beautiful birth, met with great teams of birth workers, and taught a childbirth education class! Speaking of teaching classes... It looks like I will be doing a lot more of those! I honestly had jitters beforehand, I had my outline memorized, I, of course, know what to do, but it's always scary when the couples start pouring in.

Plus, it was a 3-hour class! Can I talk for 3 hours!? Haha. But I did, I went OVER just barely, even. It was amazing, and it made me remember what a passion I have for teaching. I'll be teaching another class this Monday and then was asked back for more after that :) 

Be on the lookout for more childbirth ed classes from me in the coming weeks. 

I also have some more good news I can't wait to share... But you have to wait for that ;)